Monday, August 3, 2020

Escapism - A Trip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues during this Music Monday time frame, we're putting it down like this!!

We were O-Dog Day Partying earlier, but now we've got other work to do!! still dropping that sound like this!!

...and like that and a; somebody will understand a brotha, it's a big world . universe as we deal with a blessing and a curse..

...a little bit of both, I keep telling y'all about old dude from East Saint Louis that told me to choose my poison / drink my elixir or broth and keep it moving! he said that works!!

O-Zone? not a sloth catch me out here doing the math while on this path!! escaping the madness listening to Escapism - A Trip Hop Mix

It's on!! this is courtesy of a  Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culturecheck out the playlist and the mix!!

00:00 Mad Colour - I Was dreamin of the past
03:15 - Binboy - I Never Wanna Leave This Bed
05:16 - Sin - Where Shall I Turn (K&D Session Vol. 2)
09:35 - Geta - Hai
11:43 - Blockhead - You'll Get Over It
16:00 - Gabriel Rene - Absynthesis
19:23 - Mystic State - Impartials
22:40 - Moth Equals - Gee Whizz
24:48 - Jazz Not Jazz - Unchained Reaction
27:41 - Darkside - Lonely winter
31:41 - Lemongrass - Le Ciel
32:44 - The Other World
37:46 - s k p t v - tellmehowtofindyou.
38:58 - KesakoO - Cameo (feat. Screenatorium)
43:48 - Hugo Kant - Leonids
46:25 - Glen Porter - Um
51:11 - Last Sketch Project - I Keep Still

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