Sunday, August 2, 2020

What's That Noise? (Part Nine)

What's that noise? it was me shouting out "aww man!!" after I lost count on the total of these posts..

Lost my poise? going all out to correct the errors during the ongoing reign of terror; now humble, a dude never brags / boasts..

Staying humble, rocking a Las Vegas tourist T-Shirt and some khakis like I was Jake from State Farm while haters say we're not in a storm even though Tropical Storm Isaias hits the Florida East Coast headed towards the Seaboard..

....aka Jacksonville / Savannah / Charleston / Wilmington; O-Zone was Seaboarding earlier, but now breaking north son!! praying to the Lord staying on one accord...

What's the deal? what's that noise? it's on once again!! Sunday Jazz will continue later on today but now we're Easy Like Sunday Morning... the Commodores; chilling in the lab checking the scores like from the NBA bubble, soon playing it like John Lewis with that Good Trouble, doubling down / soon scoring..

As we go through it!!  going through that door / conduit / portal!! Hubble Telescope style!! were on a journey; an odyssey.

What's that noise? vroomm goes that Dodge Charger that passed us up on I-20 in Atlanta, while I was  stuck behind a van with a soccer ball on it; a Honda Odyssey.

What's that noise?  boom goes that 808, over on Candler Road in Decatur!! yesterday / Saturday a bruh was behind homie in the Chevy Monte Carlo, hats with A's on them in the back window!! I guess representing the Braves, Falcons and the Hawks.

What's that noise? doom prophets we're going off in scam mode!! sexist tropes heard against women of color like Kamala Harris in Biden's vice presidential process hoping that he balks..

A player talks junk like Trump vs mail in / absentee voting; he said fraudulent jokers will flood the market!!  he needs to slow his roll like a player in the ATL in the Caddie Escalade who had to park it due to Covid 19!!  even though the numbers are going up Brian Kemp wants things to open up, told ATLiens to keep it pimping!

What's that noise? per Prince is it what it sounds like when doves cry? yellow crime scene tape and white chalk surrounds the spot!! complex problems made into simple ones.

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