Thursday, August 6, 2020

I See Everything That's Moving..

It's like The Taliban in Afghanistan paid bounties by Russians those supposedly crushing the competition  get white chalked out;  yellow crime scene tape surrounds the area.

....or is it caution tape due to it being a construction site?  the corruption? we fight! check the scenario!

Whatcha know? we see everything moving, jokers showing their hand, calling themselves showing and proving!! even spotted old girl from the old school  in an old school Buick Lesabre over on Glenwood Road in  Decatur Georgia.

...cigarette hanging out of her mouth; scratching off Georgia Lottery tickets, she's been hood!! drinking Crown Royal  Black; not trying to start with ya!

Knowing how it'll get!! I see everything moving!! drama royalty found bringing it back!! whats that? the next level dramatics!

Knowing how it'll get!! I see everything moving!! per Throwback Thursday? whatcha see is whatcha get; that's word from the Dramatics!

We'll keep it moving, even though we had to sacrifice; going back to the future after working with the science and mathematics from a previous era..

We'll keep it moving, even though "it ain't nothing nice" as we deal with this Covid - 19 and systemic racism during this era..

I see everything moving, so what's that noise? spots are blowing up like Mossad accused of being in Beirut as the arch nemesis on the premises!  some make empty promises so the reign of  terror continues..

I see everything moving; losing my poise / blowing up because I felt the pressure? please, the saga / struggle continues..

I see everything moving, per this Throwback Thursday I previously mentioned the utilization of a Fresh View /  Vision; sometimes hard to do in the midst of the smoke and mirrors...

I see everything moving, others deceiving us but like paying utilities, car notes and mortgage payments I paid attention, hoping for better tomorrows..

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