Monday, November 16, 2015

The Outback Chronicles (The Construction / Corruption Site)

I'm outside chilling out on my deck:  I'm outback assessing the damage from the heavy rainfall. 

Almost through dealing!! in Atlanta?   it rained for ten straight days!!!  some hearts were heavy from dealing with pain y'all.

...Couldn't call Ghostbusters during the Reign of Terror;  hosts and demons are amongst us, as Halloween was a prelude to November /  the Scorpio season

...Plus a host of *Busters and Herbs*  were kicked to the curb like Ronda Rousey as jokers get rowdy per the battles between Angels and Demons. 

Damn!! I'm outback raking leaves again,  plus my neighbors are having trees cut down. 

Damn!! I'm out of that!!  what?  cash,  as a fake one deceives;  otherwise I'd be like my neighbors,  having trees cut down.

Please!! I'm out here clashing with powers that be!!  I know how the corrupt get down as  insurance companies jack rates  up due to Obamacare.

Corrupt insights were gained from Louisville / Newburg upbringings:  man please!! I was out there. 

Construction sites?  that's what this street is, as  trucks haul away lumber and  backhoes repair backyards.

Corruption sites? those are society playing fields as some are sacked, thrown for losses by the defense!! now everbody's struggling trying to get back the yards. 

Crooks dip through backyards after the caper is pulled / after some get jacked: the situation was out of control as  ear shattering gunshots exploded like it was Paris...

Creeks overflowed in the backyard; outback? tree limbs continue to hang and leaves are all over the place!! information overload? naw man!! it's just part of the natural process...

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