Monday, November 30, 2015

The Outback Chronicles (The November Wrap Up)

These are the outback chronicles;  even though this is the November Wrap Up the saga continues or is it the struggle? It's a little bit of both.

Outback raking leaves and cleaning out gutters so what's up with ya? what it do? please!! I had to wrap my mind around it!! what?  they try to play me like I just got off the boat.

Out of that? that's how they played me so what it do? I just got off with a quote and a beat, this brotha is flowing!!

...Down the mainstream of mathematics: like Russian jets shot down in Turkey I'm dealing with fanatics, but I'm going for what I'm knowing.

..Down the stream of consciousness;  rushing, exercising because I ate too much ham and turkey on Thanksgiving!!  now I'm moving around like I'm intergalactic, out on Pluto or Mars;  that's where I'm flowing.

That dream from my subconscious seeped over into another dimension, but actually I'm outback working: like squirrels using my roof as a shortcut to get to tree limbs jive turkeys try to derail my projects,  but I still give thanks for the blessings!! so whatcha knowing?  

Living the dream? everyday I'm growing just like the pile of leaves in my backyard, but this black man is scarred from the ongoing battles in spiritual warfare; I took it there when the system proposed a merger..

Let the healing process begin!! knowing that tha apparatus will deceive then they'll hit you upside the head; there's no concussion like Big Ben Roethlisberger.

Let the healing process begin!! who'll work with ya? will the climate change due to the Paris Climate Summit? I'm outback trying to clean up my yard and the neighbors are looking at me like I'm crazy!!

Usually in the lab working on this good word plus sharing this by product of my drumkit; this is the rebuttal due to smoke and mirror climates; reality is hazy...

The lab by-product will make me rock out like the Jimi Hendrix Experience per Purple Haze; jokers need to pump brakes like Bendix; in the ATL and surrounding areas? they're drinking purp these days...

Drab? that's my conduct per this November Wrap up;  the Sun has moved to Sagittarius, we experienced Scorpio Season but now it's gone;  now outback trying to make sure the work is done!! damn!!  the weatherman predicted rainy days..

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