Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Didn't Agree With The Terms Of Service PT.9 (That Ain't Right)

We are approaching that point,  where this dude will not have to tell them!! 

Like Jason Kidd? I'm coaching after the veteran in the game status, but  not anointed for an NBA job:  what's the attitude?  bogus products?  there's no need to sell them. 

Who's playing kid? terms of service?  jokers tried to spell them out every time I sign on the website.

 In Louisville?  some tried to swerve with sideways deals like  Katina Powell or Rev. Kevin Cosby!! they'll  sell them out!!  who?  the constituents!!  damn!!  *that ain't right* 

Damn!!  others try to hire a hooker so they can swerve like Bill Cosby!! *that ain't right*  like John Lee Hooker says on the St Germain Sure Thing song.

Damn!!  *that ain't right*  thats what I said after reading the terms of service,  these jokers are wrong!

These jokers are strong!!  that's what they said about us when we kept it moving. 

We ignored the terms of service: damn!!  what were they proving?

We ignored the terms of service: O-Dog kept jammimg / grooving  / show and proving!! he had work to do!!

Weapons of the sonic variety were deployed, as we swerve with this!! good word dropping? O-Zone is at your service with this, he had work to do!!

It's like trying to get the Obama immigration deal back on track,  I told you we had work to do, but we have the knack...

We have the knack to swerve with this, we ignored the terms of service, they were trying to hold us back...

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