Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Atmosphere: It Was Violent / Vicious

It's going down!!  I was peeping game using a fresh view / fresh vision  just trying to measure the atmosphere. 

Measuring the atmospheric pressure like the chief meteorologist!!  a wannabe sociologist / psychologist when I go there? 

Per Jason Nelson shifting the atmosphere was the Lords work!!  I felt the pressure when I wasn't on the same page. 

...Plus fear and loathing encouraged by devils advocates take place;  outcomes were violent / vicious!!  would I feel the same rage? 

Mechanical engineering / blue collar style work  rebuked the social engineering!!  some will get what's coming to them during the Ice Age or in the midst of global warming. 

Power steering fluid plus oil leaked out of the hooptie as I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta!!  but I still span the globe due to this brain storming.

I had the Power like Snap,  warning the masses about meals prepared in Hell's Kitchen that weren't nutritious. 

Last hour behavior made some snap /  flip out like Russia vs ISIS in the Mideast!! now they're violent or vicious. 

O-Dogs beat will enslave ya!! like Grace Jones a slave to the rhythm?  that's what I told them and those that were opposed. 

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors still revealed violent /  vicious retribution in the atmosphere:  the devil was opposed. 

O-Dog advanced to the next level with composed sonic weapons: violent /  vicious retribution in the atmosphere?  after war comes peace but not prosperity per Amantha Perera when mentioning
Sri Lanka....

Some danced with the devil like they were at the disco inferno!! as stocks rise, was the scenario financed by a shady banker? 

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