Thursday, November 5, 2015

I Didn't Agree With The Terms Of Service PT. 7 (I Had To Keep Telling Them)

Damn!! here we go again!! up popped the terms of service while doing the online transaction....

Damn!! here we go again!! I didn't agree with the terms of service, was it part of a fraudulent transaction? 

Desktop or mobile? lying like Exxon Mobil about climate change during their transaction? you have to watch these gamblers out for a fast buck...

Deliberate falsehoods are the business! I was trying to chill per Nights Over Egypt by the Jones Girls but the drama unfurls per Russian jets exploding over Egypt!! so what's up?
In the hood?  *homies*  said they had the right goods and services, but now authorities have them  under scrutiny.

What's good? they were working for the cartel, El Chapo Guzman and the boys, it ain't  hard to tell!! ..They blended in the community.

Act like you knew man!!  check out the terms of service, so  how will it be? Its not hard to fail,  I was wise to the set up.

I'm not acting brand new, while trying to swerve with this my hustle was knocked!! thought and fashion police even knocked me to the ground,  but I get up..

They'll keep track of your every move!! they even remember when you weren't as tough as you claimed to be like Ben Carson..

What are we trying to prove to ourselves? these KKK members aren't impressed, so what are you starting?

Not Acting Brand New, please!! I've been this way!! check out how I swerve with this!! dropping the good word and the funky loop is provided by O-Dog...

Acting like I knew!! authorities say agreeing with the terms of service would provide directions for navigating through the Smoke and Mirrors!! but we keep on doing what we do!! making our way through the fog..

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