Thursday, November 19, 2015

Greetings (The Reception / Deception)

Greetings!! that was heard as I walked through the door; that was the reception...

Meetings in the vestibule go down as naysayers try to get the best of you!! check the deception.

Street things? ear shattering gunshots exploded, the situation is out of control!! similar to Paris  raids on terrorist strongholds?

Delete things? the matrix architect collaborates with Hunger Game Peacekeepers, soon like the Capitol they'll have strongholds...

Delete things? it's going down per bombing collaborations by Russia, France, and the US against ISIS and their Syrian strongholds..

Sweet things per these fantasy / reality mashups / collaborations? naw man!! from Google to Facebook we're dealing with thought and fashion police accusations; was it due to information overloads?

Street things / street funk / grooves and mashups from these funk regulators following our own rules and regulations are in response to the reception / deception..

Acting like I knew per the greetings / reception / deception:  remembering old girl saying *everybody ain't able* when somebody told me they didn't understand this conception..

Acting like I knew per the greetings / reception / deception!! The Podcast will blast  when these funk seminars are conducted..

But, they say the Brotha OZone is acting brand new because past, present and future endeavors didn't faze me, I wasn't corrupted!!

But, actually I was I felt the buzz like it was  it was second hand reefer smoke but I didn't laugh at the joke they told in the vestibule..

The greetings / reception / deception made a lasting impression; damn!! they must think I'm some kind of fool!!

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