Monday, November 2, 2015

I Didn't Agree With The Terms Of Service PT.6 (The Adversity Anniversary)

I was shocked!! like GOP Debate rules,  the terms of service didn't pop up on the screen when I signed on. 

I rocked when I was *all up in the house*  I didn't debate fools I just did things!!   I swerved with this,  plus I observed this and that scene when I signed on. 

Ready to roll, I was on my way!! then going in, damn!!   I was in it up to my neck!!  but I busted loose per Chuck Brown

Ready to heal my soul!!  let the healing process begin!! O-Zone has the funky sound plus O-Zone has sacks full of this good word:  like Craig Mack,  can I get down? 

The adversity anniversary has rolled around!!  damn!! Mack trucks full of trouble roll up like it was the NASCAR Sprint Cup!!  the drivers or Devils advocates blew the horn,  telling me they had a delivery. 

....Plus they said welcome back!!  asked me:  did I think I was going to get away while I was on this earth?  I mean really? 

What's the deally?  they asked, as  they reminded me of the terms of service agreement. 

Find print per the devil in the details?  worm holes or even rabbit holes are soon occupied, now constituents are in bereavement. 

Find print nullified the achievement!!  plus others say hookers and escorts made some sign the agreement,  like it was Louisville basketball players.

US Mint missions?  some are like Big Pun and The Beatnuts and them, off the books with no records!! that made Louisville the home of the side deal, you've got to watch those players. 

Now we dip down I-20 in Atlanta, for freedom?  we continue to ride!! for real though!! Play on Player was the advice,  so we continue to swerve with this. 

Adversity anniversaries remind us that the struggle is real,  due to the terms of service. 

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