Friday, November 20, 2015

Step Your Game Up / Change The Game Up

It's going down;  I see right now I'm going to have to step my game up. 

Moving on to something else; due to circumstances beyond my control it's time to change the game up. 

Circumstances are debatable; being built or torn down? time is up for the lame up *in this piece*  the madness didn't cease.

Due to devil dances in the ATL crime is up; that's  per the crime boss and his lieutenants!! busters, herbs and marks are issued demerits!!  others will cry no justice no peace.  

Fail safe systems have glitches, now punishment gluttons push buttons and hit switches!!  now their mind goes through those changes like Buddy Miles.

Umpires yelled safe when I stole base!!  once caught up in the system / matrix!! now my profile is trashed!! it reigned / rained so they're muddy files. 

Empires clashed with my dirty muddy styles,  so I had to step my game up. 

No Empire on Fox styles!! still true to the game, even when I change the game up. 

Terrorists inspired by Paris shenanigans? now the Radisson Hotel in Mali is hit up, and Brussels is on high alert... 

Reign of terror is domestic as Officer Flanagans are clashing with the masses; Hotep? naw cousin!! so we step our game up, might even change the game up!! love of the game makes me hustle, but like Nazareth said, Love will hurt..

During the reign who's fair? who'll understand this? love will hurt in the family, it's light skin vs dark skin!!

During the game? it's like Stephen Curry vs Lebron James , per Dego and Kaidi some are Acting Up On Shxt That Don't Count in these games; up the wrong trees? some dogs are barking!! 

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