Monday, November 9, 2015

I Didn't Agree With The Terms Of Service PT.8 ( They Tried To Fool Us With The Fine Print)

They tried to play us / fool us with the fine print!! it's  like at the end of the commercial on T.V  where the dude starts talking fast. 

Pray for us per Paul Ryan taking over as speaker of the house;  meanwhile,  I have work to do per the blue collar attitude:  a pimp /  player that's really just stalking won't last.

Pops said somebody's lying!! protected like Greg Hardy per Jerry Jones, the union contract or the terms of service? 
Like Donald Trump on SNL it's not that kind of party / don't start with me!!  act like you knew son!!  I'm back with this breakbeat science, I'm at your service.

Beats will thump and this good word is dropped: I'm trying to swerve with this,  but the thought and fashion police have other ideas.

The fine print stumped some but after I carefully read the terms of service,  this dude has other ideas. 

Usually not of the norm:  haters tried to tell me I wasn't in the storm, but it seems like it's been raining here in Atlanta for forty days and forty nights. 

Usually not the norm:  like black Mizzou football players going on strike concerned about their rights. 

Usually not the norm: insights gained / confirmed per Ferguson Mizzou shenanigans while dealing with Officer Flanagans...

Usually not the norm: fights continue for this Louisville / Newburg man!! representing Louisville like Muhammad Ali,  once again!! 

Heard he's not doing so well, so we'll pray for him; the old Moms from the baptist church said that's part of a human's terms of service, one of the few terms I agree with...

I heard others are under a spell, Benjamin Netanyahu types conduct baptisms of fire per the Iran Nuclear Deal; they didn't agree with the terms of service!! but we continue to work this...


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