Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Atmosphere: It Was Violent / Vicious PT. .2

 Oh yes! Come and get it was the message from chefs in Hell's Kitchen!!  they said the meals were nutritious!!

I had my doubts so I backed away from the buffet;  now what was the outcome?  like terrorists over in Paris France some are violent / vicious. 

But this dude goes all out!!  the funky track will play as I pull the drum out,  per the debatable circumstances this is the rebuttal. 

Being built or torn down? priorities have shifted!!  an old dude but like the young black and gifted dances are done when successful plays are run,  straight out of the huddle!!

But what's really going on? the atmosphere has shifted!!  the young gifted and black are targeted by devil dancers,  like the quarterback or running back targeted by the defense.

But what's really going on? soon the atmosphere has shifted per Jason Nelson,  I tried to tell one or another but they still played defense.

O-Zone? Transmitting Live with the hardcore style from a remote outpost in the universe, not wearing crocodile shoes or polyester suits /  just rocking polo shirts and jeans: plus I'm *Sneaker Pimping*

That made me a prime suspect due to stereotyping / profiling!!   just trying to survive, rebuking the social engineering...

Suspects in  genetic engineering are monitored, they'll try to change the atmosphere per food manipulation and cloning...

I'm steering the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor but these ISIS types are threatening the world;  plus imperialists and multi-national corporations are zoning...

The devil and his advocates are toning and flexing muscle, violent / vicious when they knock the hustle...

Next level moves are hard to make in this atmosphere, but this good word is dropped and the beats knock as we continue to hustle..


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