Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Outback Chronicles (We're Still Assessing The Damage)

It's going down!!  in Atlanta? storms blow in,  now I'm outback trying to assess the damage. 

What's really going on? like  Quentin Tarantino vs The Police, whether we do or don't somebody will damn it. 

While Clint Eastwood was worried about the Gran Torino trees limbs hang precariously!!  leaves are all over the place,  the rain was heavy. 

Over in the hood? family tree limb dwellers act nefarious!!  one deceives the masses,  trying to be all this and that like Ben Carson!!  or even Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke; what's up son? he's my brother?  but he ain't heavy!!

That's per the Hollies:  meanwhile follies / capers were perpetrated  by wannabe goodfellas over in Decatur Georgia,  who dipped in the old school Chevy Impalas and Cut Dogs aka Oldsmobile Cutlass Supremes:  that's word to the slow learners.

 What's good / what can you tell us?  outback birds chirp and squirrels scurry around,  as seasons / reasons change:  word to the  lesson learners. 

Class is in session for reality check earners!!  the firm is always hiring. 

The masses keep stressing!!  fatalities from spiritual warfare go there,  as the shot clock is expiring. 

Shady officiating and umpiring as Kansas City sweeps the New York Mets?  naw man!! history repeats,  as some say Empire is the thing. 

Instigating negative imagery? cooning was even mentioned as some say they're just doing their thing...

Escaping the madness, sitting outback on my deck assessing the damage from the latest storm. 

Let the healing process begin!! work is put in per this blue collar laborer,  even though methods are unconventional:  they aren't the norm.

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