Sunday, August 30, 2020

I See Everything That's Moving..(Part Ten)

I  see everything that's moving on this Sunday morning!! I see y'all out there!! I'm showing love from a distance, virtual hugs and fist bumps given...

I  see everything that's moving!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, I got off this and that exit seeing some act like there's no pandemic, no mask or social distancing but it's the opposite of how I'm living..

Still making moves, they're strategic, masking or social distancing; still sheltering in place somewhat Georgia is considered a hot spot..

Still faking jacks / moves? some are like Trump's dereliction of duty after  supposedly a proper response to the coronavirus; herd immunity the strategy /  scheme / plot?

I  see everything that's moving! a brotha broke it down after he dipped back to the community exercising diplomatic immunity; the old sister on Candler Road said we're blessed and highly favored...

I  see everything that's moving! breaking news from these breakbeat scientists is provided but thought and fashion police mentioned it was information overload; meanwhile their agents and provocateurs from Portland to Kenosha  went into disinformation mode but O-Zone is still following the street code, I told them I'm on one, like the track DJ Khaled and Drake did..

 ...especially after wonders are performed like the creation; but peeped game, checking out what we're facing; seeing what it do / seeing everything thats moving;  soon realizing that the whole process wasn't close to being smooth!

O-Zone wanders through the galaxy studying the dark mystery of time and space; studies  revealed that theres no justice no peace!! it's like that from here in Atlanta to Louisville to Kenosha;  believe me that's the truth!

I  see everything that's moving! jokers  usually weren't checking for me unless they're trying to stress; arrogant and aloof were accusations that were faced!

...but we proceed and continue; even though jokers are disrespecting trying to steal 2020 elections; from the Post Office to Facebook and Twitter trolls joints are cased!

Others raced out ahead;  I see everything that's moving!! I let the hustlers hustle and the players play!

A brotha was spaced out beyond Pluto and Mars; home planets for a Scorpio...yeah yeah yeah whatever...I heard some say!!!!

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