Sunday, August 9, 2020

I See Everything That's Moving..(Part Two)

Check us out, earlier we mentioned being out there observing the scene now ready to roll, even though the ongoing smoke and mirrors obscured the vision..

Wreck us out? thought and fashion police conduct chases when they see us ready to roll out!! chaos / mayhem / horrors / terrors obscured the vision..

Check us out, we see everything moving!! a fresh vision we're utilizing along with that Battle Cry; Lord Help!! Lord Help!!

Emphasized on this Sunday morning; trying to Be Easy per the Commodores warning, guarding our spiritual health..

...along with dealing with the physical and mental health pandemic coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic; it's all academic..

O-Zone? I see everything moving to some I'm showing / proving / surprising when I drop these mathematics..

Somebody asked me, whatcha see? what was heard from fanatics? like Trump so called executive orders  its usually something outlandish!

Somebody asked me, whatcha see? whats up with me? just chilling as beats bump,  listening to the Gap Bands Outstanding; getting funky with this!

Its like this and like that; outlanders try to "get crunk"  with me down here in the  ATL  aka A-Town but they just got here.

.....from South America / Alabama; / New York or India / Saudi Arabia /  Somalia, checking out the style bruh as I see everything moving; the melting pot its here!

Oh yes!! I see everything moving but in America there's lot of  loathing and fearing, a secret weapon used by the devil and his advocates?  a by product of social engineering? 

Oh yes!! I see everything moving!! coaching this due to the veteran experience!! so what's up y'all?  check this breakbeat science out!! it's similar to mechanical engineering!

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