Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Turning Point - A Neurofunk Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza segment, my peeps are eligible for it...

...they've been rolling with me, plus I'm picking up more followers along the way; hip to my motto let the music play!! they spotted us going for it..

Rebuking those that schemed / plotted / going for it like Trump's voter suppression, check the session as we put it down like this!!

Nuking jokers on these digital battlegrounds with this sound considered hazardous material;  not rolling like North Korea or Iran though; that aggression can go sideways like Beirut, then blaming it on Hezbollah instead of  those like Mossad, supposedly "trying to fight this"

...and that; check the scenario from an African American trying to "holla back"; enlightening this and that one with these breakbeat scientific principles...

Also at the turning point dropping Turning Point - A Neurofunk Mix courtesy of  a Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culturecheck out the playlist and the mix and this culture, not invisible with this!!

Tracklist -
Satl - Let Me Be The One (Alibi Remix)
Solace - I Feel You
Enei - Ripped Face
Forbidden Society - Dirt
Insiderz - Totalitarianism (VIP) (MIB Crew)
Isee - Basic Workout
Decrese - Midnight Runner
ChaseR - Hold On
Tobax - Burning VIP
Gancher & Ruin - Lie
Insideinfo - Found it
Invadhertz - Dissolve
The Inflamers - Detonation
Jade - Monstereo
Jestah - Masses
Fatloaf - Big Daddy
The Prodigy - Boom Boom Tap (Agressor Bunx Bootleg)
Kutlo - Raw (Dorian Remix)
Reptile - Bug
Uttersounds feat. Dyzlexic - Glyph (Viper Remix)
Neurolab - Relapses
Talkre - Darkness
Moderate Hate - Funkster
Unglued & Phace - Malware

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