Thursday, August 20, 2020

I See Everything That's Moving..(Part Six)

It's going down on this Throwback Thursday, check out a dude that's getting retro - futuristic..

Taking a look into the past / present / future, acting brand new with ya? I see everything that's moving, I'm not trying to miss it...

Taking a look into the past, the Lord blessed it as he does the present and Lord willing the future; a Thankful Thursday?  we'll keep it moving in the meantime and between time...

Faking? a crook has it down pat!! shout outs sent to their constituents like Trump to QAnon, so we know what they're on!! those conspiracy theories will blow their minds..

Taking a look at it, I see everything that's moving!! no need for a report from the Senate Intelligence Committee concerning Trump and Russia; we peeped game while it was going down in real time..

Taking a look at it, I see everything that's moving!! knowledge was dropped  / street intelligence was received from old dude up in Louisville, telling me not to expect reparations or justice from Breonna Taylor,  which is a real crime!!

Lebron James weighed in on it; meanwhile, in the bubble the Portland Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard  played on it, racing past the Lakers..

It's all game, my people get played on in it!! good trouble in the sport again in remembrance of Breonna Taylor and John Lewis? Portland is still blazing along with the  unrest in Chicago; some say provoked by agents / provocateurs / fakers..

I see everything moving; acting like I knew this!! an ill entity will try enforcement like Trump's Secret Police, but they're out of their jurisdiction.

I see everything moving, so whats the deally? charges were trumped up;  but found out to be a fabrication, just pure fiction!

I see everything moving, God is Good!! we're holding trump cards like up in a spades game!! its diplomatic immunity; lubrication for when the engine runs rough!

 Hip to the charades; its all game!! I dipped back to the community, per Throwback Thursday?  reminiscing abut riding down Broadway in Louisville in The Cadillac Sedan Deville listening to Roger So Ruff So Tuff!!

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