Tuesday, August 11, 2020

I See Everything That's Moving..(Part Three)

On what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so named because things can go either way your dude is down here in Atlanta laying in the cut, but I'm peeping game I see everything that's moving..

The attitude? claiming the terrific outcome now moving on, somebody will understand a brotha that's not sleeping in the game!  following that old 90's hip hop strategy, I'm showing / proving..

..plus others show me how they're moving!! creeping up in the game like  agents / provocateurs in Chicago starting riots  trying to undermine Mayor Lori Lightfoot's administration..

Trump will send in the troops per the black ops; plus KRS One told you about the Sound of Da Police and the Black Cops; no need to go to the Middle East or South America for the justice obstruction..

I see everything that's moving, loops like O -Dizzle hooking up a track occur; history repeating? Trump corruption is rampant like it's a repeat of Richard Nixon..

Trump admits that's where he got a lot of his game from, but quick to blame one or another by deflecting / projecting

....plus disrespecting; O-Zone? he got his game from Louisville where they're disrespecting Breonna Taylor so I was soon disconnecting now connecting down here in Atlanta after I was in a bind..

I see everything that's moving,  observing the scene!! now ready to roll  I'm on my way but naysayers are in the way!! I  even spotted the blind leaving the blind!

I see everything that's moving, / I can see how it go!! been around the block a few times, back in the day? up in Louisville the Buick Regal was even backed into the spot when I dipped in the big bodied Checker Cabs, soon did the knowledge in these reality labs!  the temperature's rising!!  now down here on Georgia, where its hotter over here in Decatur not just greater!

I see everything that's moving, / I can see how it go!! jokers straight out of rehabs were over here on Glenwood Rd, O-Zone's been in the hood,  know the street code!!  but dude thought I was a hater!

I wasn't buying contraband!! O-Zone is not that man!! please!! I even returned bogus merchandise from these corporations to the service desk!

The drama goes down due to rations being low!! from Beirut to a hood near you, so what it do? who's at your service with this?

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