Tuesday, August 18, 2020

I See Everything That's Moving..(Part Five)

Check it out!! we were affected by the smoke and mirrors earlier but now we've got work to do; the smoke has cleared..

Check it out!! on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way we were disrespected  by horrors / terrors implemented by the devil and his advocates laughing at the inside joke as my people are loathed / feared..

I see everything moving so a dude claimed the terrific outcome and  kept it moving, he steered the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor but damn!! in some of these spots hatred some will harbor..

The arch nemesis was on the premises rolling like Trump making empty promises to his constituents that they'll believe even though Covid 19 deaths are rising and the economy is bombing exposing chinks in the armor..

Ark Of The Covenant type knowledge is dropped and beats bump as these breakbeat scientists keep showing / proving...

Wasn't a part of it; what? the foolishness, a dude is allergic to it!! this  breakbeat scientist will drop this breaking news based on seeing everything moving..

Based on seeing everything moving?  your homie noticed he was out of sync with the universe; once unlucky with that or this  / not on the one.

Based on seeing everything moving? your homie was skating  on thin ice affected by global warming  "it wasn't nothing nice";  its easy to come undone!

Based on seeing everything moving? I wasn't the one, but soon paying the price!!  now spanning the globe brainstorming, soon it's like the Ice Man Cometh per Jerry Butler or even  George Gervin!

We kept grooving, O-Dizzle had the drum while some fronted!!  O-Zone did the math determining the answer /  product or sum he wasn't in the negative / naysayer fan club; he wasn't out there swerving!

Some were colluding with the enemy, reportedly "woke" now dropping knowledge /  pseudo intellectual curb serving; others were observing them amening like a church deacon but still consulting with the enemy!

What will the report be? O-Zone peeped game / scoped out the big picture now amending these contracts dropping this big scripture based on seeing everything moving!! check it out!! he  knew what the deal would be!

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