Tuesday, August 25, 2020

I See Everything That's Moving..(Part Eight)

O-Zone mentioned visualizing the sequence in an earlier episode; even on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way he's the kind of dude that sees everything that's  moving...

Clones mentioned progress made like the GOP at their convention in Charlotte  but they're delinquent, check the mode / check the attitude: check out the prevailing conditions!! like the 90's hip hop phrase? they're showing / proving..

Zones invaded? the arch nemesis is on the premises in my City of Charlotte, violating straight up and down per Count Bass D...

O-Zone played it; what? the hand he was dealt while in the heart of it!  from Beatties Ford Road to Tryon Street to South and West Boulevards we were rolling / pulling up!!  over in West Charlotte my constituents will feel me..

But I digress now moving on to the next; recognizing that it's hard on these boulevards / avenues as my people continue to pay dues.

O-Zone? making progress based on seeing everything that's  moving from Atlanta out on  MLK Boulevard on out to  Eddy Grant's Electric Avenue  

Making progress based on seeing everything that's moving!  I feel the wind blowing,  but it's not as bad as on the Gulf Coast with Tropical Storms Marco and Laura ;  but its no ordinary breeze!

....change is in the air; but in love or war nothing is fair!! I thought y'all knew, so what it do? I maintain the same steez!

Please!!  adjustments are made though; acting brand new / acting like you knew?   you'll get caught out there using the same pattern!

Based on seeing everything that's moving?  nothing is new under the Sun!! I even recognized the pattern  out there on Pluto / Mars and Saturn!

Based on seeing everything that's moving? you dude said he would holla at them!! now it's going down from Muhammad Ali Blvd up in Louisville to I-20 down here in Atlanta!!  your dude pulled up in the Buick Regal..

Whats the word?  now check out your dude on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday dropping science that's good for any day!! claiming the terrific outcome shaking off the cosmic debris / residue / the doldrums!! I know!  I know! so whatcha going through?  like Biggie Smalls, it's unbelievable!! 


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