Tuesday, August 4, 2020

What's That Noise? (Part Ten)

Like crowd / audience participation / virtual fans piped in to NBA Bubble games in Orlando, they've got me asking; on this Tuesday morning they've got me asking, What's The Noise?

The ambiance? laugh tracks like old school comedies on television? please!! enough of the fake, I'm trying not to lose my poise!!

The ambiance? speaking up like Dr Deborah Birx  with her scarves, regaining her voice after endorsing Trump earlier

Making advances, that dude O-Dizzle works it all out in the midst of the madness!! bringing the noise like Public Enemy!! check this good word and beats that'll bump, we've got work to do!!

Making advances, your homie is peeping game; I'm checking it all out; I see everything moving / I'm observing the scene!

What's that noise? damn!! somebody creeping up in the game acting nefarious? already know what it do! spotted those losing or winning, the Aquarius Full Moon was illuminating the scene..

What's that noise?  somebody sleeping in the game? whatcha going through? winning  and losing down here in the ATL? everybody's not fresh and clean like OutKast talked about!

What's that noise? please!! its not hard to fail!!  heard the cries of pain and anguish as I see all the zombie like ATLiens that stalked about!

What's that noise? please!! we're not at ease due to the white noise, even hearing the Sounds of Silence per Simon and Garfunkel..

What's that noise? please!! we'll have to ease on down the road; local / national / international and intergalactic!! while out there aliens told me "how the funk should go"

What's that noise? please!! hearing doctors like Stella Immanuel mention demons and aliens,  plus they'll support dysfunctional or unconventional methods to the madness, concerning coronavirus..

Meanwhile we'll continue to bring the noise, plus write these manuals maybe somebody will understand us; but if they don't? it won't surprise us..

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