Friday, January 1, 2016

Engulfed In Flames PT.9 (Now We're Rebuilding)

 The structure was engulfed in flames like skyscrapers in Dubai, per fireman's lingo the fire was fully involved..

Corrupt ones were still playing games!! It's All About The Paper per The Dells!! that's what they said, soon all problems would be solved..

The coping strategy fails but problems were solved when O-Dog fixed it in the mix!! the sonic caper is pulled, he might have to slap somebody with the blackjack...

...Teaching them a lesson, at WatchNight services preachers mentioned a blessing!! devils kept reaching for us, stressing!! now trouble is back...

2015 is over with the candle was lit symbolizing it!!  the past year was engulfed in flames, now we move on to 2016.

Sticking to the original plan, it's part of a bigger one!! surprising some  by rising out of the flames / ashes  like the Phoenix, we weren't through dealing!!

We're back with it,  it wasn't like by the time I get to Phoenix like Isaac Hayes, it's like being back in these hoods, like cruising down Broadway up in Louisville.

We're back with it!! the structure was engulfed in flames but now we're rebuilding!! per Louisville winning the Music City Bowl we're back in these hoods, cruising down John Merritt Blvd or  Jefferson St in Nashville.

We're back with it!! we caught hell per Natalie Cole (R.I.P.)...the structure was engulfed in flames but now we're rebuilding!! we're back in these hoods, not on the eastside like Jeffersons:  George and Weezy.

Some are caught up in these games!! over in Decatur Georgia I spotted homie smoking backwoods!! listening to Drake and Little Weezy....

Little Wayne for those that don't know; the joint was engulfed in flames symbolizing the pain some dealt...

Joy and Pain like Frankie Beverly and Maze? the structure was engulfed in flames but we weren't spectators, amazed; we're rebuilding, playing this hand we were dealt..

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