Thursday, January 21, 2016

Marinating / Soaking Up Game PT.6

Marinating!! It was all gravy baby!!  I had a piece of cornbread or wheat bread soaking in it. 

They're hating? please!! it's all game plus it's Shady like Grady!! like Vladimir Putin jokers are *cloak and daggering*

They're hating? please!! it's all game!!  some are staggering around like they drunk water in Flint Michigan!!  plus it could be from the Love TKO Teddy Pendergrass mentioned

Change agents or devil's advocates hit them up!!  Midnight Star?  a snake in the grass was mentioned.

It's strange; while marinating I noticed flagrant agents had caused chaos and confusion,  but soon their structure is engulfed in flames

It's strange; while marinating / soaking up game I noticed danger zone residents faked it like the Koch Brothers with their dark money!!  soon others were corrupt in these games. 

It's strange; while marinating / soaking up game clones flying drones crowded the airspace!!  society blames my kinfolk some kind of way. 

O-Zone is still soaking up game like cornbread in collard green pot liquor!! now moving faster / quicker,  ready to run some kind of play. 

Feeling some kind of way!  not slipping because I was smoked out on pot or drunk off brown liquor!! a veteran now coaching after I was schooled. 

...Per Main Ingredient and Cuba Gooding Sr, everybody will get fooled.

Progress? who's impeding it? what's good son? Cuba Gooding Jr mentioned OJ Simpson was just a shell of a man... 

 Progress? who's impeding it? per #OscarsSoWhite  I can see it's not a good thing!! after marinating / soaking up game I use this platform to tell another man..

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