Monday, January 4, 2016

All Up In The Spot (Regular Scheduled Programming) PT.4

 The Holiday Season is over with, Christmas and New Years Day came and went, now we're back to regular scheduled programming...

Back to work or school, you know what the deal is!! meanwhile we're back to breakbeat scientific business!!  the funk is dropped,  O-Dog wasn't slow jamming...

 How did that work? fools only worked for a limited time only due to the economy:  now they're on the street trying to sell me mixtapes of hip hop gospel or old school love songs but I'm not down with the rah rah rah / lah lah lah type of game!! that's not how I work these or those!!

How did that work? O-Zone didn't act a fool like the Bundy family storming federal buildings in Oregon!! plus we're not jokers like The Bundys on Married With Children!! we're back on schedule for a limited time only like fast food commercials...

How did that work? danger zone rules aren't followed!! I was up in the spot where mitigating factors were part of determinations..

How did that work? O-Zone followed his bliss now I put it down like this!! meanwhile Babylon is litigatiing actors like Bill Cosby after they once had them on a pedestal!! that's how things work in these nations!!
Meanwhile,  in this new spot mechanical engineering takes place; in the foundry sounds are fused!! vinyl and cassettes are abused as sounds are selected at random...

Sick with it like Chipotle?  act like you know me, as we go for what we know!! even these thoughts are selected at random..

Coming through with reckless abandon, act like you know me!!  still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, multi-dimensional!! moving between my first and second life..

Intergalactic with it!! we're all up in the spot getting breakbeat scientific with it!! supplied atomic energy to Oak Ridge, plus I have my own Secret City Festival.!!..I harvest secret gardens like  Quincy Jones with assistance from Barry White  / El Debarge and James Ingram,  plus I'm on earth dealing with the madness!! the toil and strife..

*Being Of Good Courage*  per Psalm 27:14 though the pain cuts like a knife in these danger zones!! we undergo holistic healing while all up in the spot with this regular scheduled programming!!

God is with us, realized after I summed up the consequences!! now we unleash the Sonic Assault!! O-Dog wasn't slow jamming..

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