Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hectic / Chaotic PT.7 (We Kept On Running)

 Life is hectic / chaotic, as January comes to a  close!!  it's like the end of the game,  we're trying to finish strong...

Toil and strife? disrespected during the ongoing madness!! hip to the end game!! #OscarsSoWhite or #SAGsSoBlack? divide and conquer is the knack!! damn!! the cabal is so wrong!!!

How long has this been going on like the classic pop song by Ace?  it gets hectic / chaotic in the race!! you have to have endurance..

Life is a marathon, we kept on running!! we hustle hard like Ace Hood!! with these breakbeat scientific studies we're looking for a cure for this!!

Once again it's on!! but when I was in the lab conducting breakbeat scientific studies things started to slow down.

Please!! life is hectic / chaotic!!  the devil stays busy corrupting the masses /  conducting classes now it's about to go down!

Actually?  it's been going down since day one,  they'll come undone:  Democratic Town Hall meetings won't have solutions.

...Neither will Iowa Republican debates:  the apparatus still hates!! like Russia in the Caucasus opposition is met from these institutions.

Will the Iowa Caucuses translate to improved policies? please!! they'll keep confusing them and those!!  they'll run through the league like Golden State Warriors.

 It doesn't matter if your cavalier like Cleveland /  bullish like Chicago or have Spurs like San Antonio,  as we let you know word from these spiritual warriors.

Even though things are hectic / chaotic we decided to keep going / we kept on running!! not foolish to oppose the status quo!!  it's a rough job but somebody has to do it.

Like Super Bowl 50 the defense is rough like Denver Broncos:  offense explosive like Carolina Panthers!!  who'll understand us as we act like we knew it?


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