Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hectic / Chaotic PT.4 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

 It's going down!! it's like an old school disc jockey with bad vinyl skipping, a broken record..

What's up? O-Zone? systematic rules and regulations rocked me!! I keep telling the masses life is hectic!!

What's really going on? it's chaotic!!  in response classes in these next schools are conducted!! the good word and brand new funk is on these menus!!

 What's really going on? we rock it like Glenn Frey and the Eagles staying a step ahead of legal eagles aka devil's advocates!! they're serving food straight from Hell's Kitchen menus..

The saga / struggle continues, why ask why? life is like that!! plus per Mercury retrograde we deal with glitches in the matrix.

Drama is on these menus in Hell's Kitchen!!  check out the ongoing charade!! like Troublemakers from Team Umizoomi  acting brand new with me we're dealing with those that fake it.

Snitches end up in ditches,  protection offered according to the authorities but how did that go?  those that fake it felt the repercussions.

Whistleblowing? lost like Edward Snowden, so whatcha knowing? meanwhile O-Dog will hit switches to manipulate samples and percussions.

O-Zone never switches positions, sticking to the original plan that's part of a bigger one!!  unlike Donald Trump deportation plans supposedly good ones, but discussions were heard.

Keep it pimping player, that's what the elders told me!! the future? a bigger one!! we fight the hectic /chaotic circumstances with the sound and this good word!!

You heard? but reality keeps pimp slapping the masses!! even 19, 000 civilians were killed by ISIS in Iraq!!  

Local? national? international? intergalactic? that's where the drama is!! life is hectic / chaotic

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