Friday, January 22, 2016

Marinating / Soaking Up Game PT.7

 Similar to barbecue ribs from Smokey Bones it's like I'm in the refrigerator marinating; I'm chilling out..

 I'm not trying to start with you!! no joke, O-Zone is hitting hard like  William The Refrigerator Perry in his heyday but I heard he's got physical issues;  so he's also chilling out...

 I'm not trying to start with you!! no joke!!  shady dealing goes down out here in Babylon!! the money is discussed by the World Economic Forum and even the European Central Bank!!

 I'm not trying to start with you!! no joke!! paying attention even though I didn't have money,  I'm broke!! I can't be called Big Bank Hank!!

R.I.P. to that brother!! Sugarhill Gang style?  I soaked up game from those brothers!! now it's going down like this!!

This is not gangnam style, check the file!! we're dropping this good word and breakbeat sound on another!! weapons in spiritual warfare, as we fight this!!

You heard? foul like the GOP vs Cruz and Trump? naw man!! but someone will understand  as the train of thought runs off the tracks.

You heard? please!!  speed bumps aka traffic calming devices didn't stop us!! the Mothership is rolling!! its fueled by the O-Dog tracks.

Marinating / soaking up game!! now we're dropping mathematics!! the knack is shown for getting scientific!! I wasnt fooled by so called macks and divas.

Atlanta is full of them, but I didn't fool with them!! a lot of these fanatics are just nonbelievers.

I didnt fool with underachievers!! please!! you'll get fired like David Blatt up in Cleveland but was it his fault? now check the Sonic Assault, I'm in a different realm.

Only way I could achieve this?  after marinating / soaking up game we recognize that God is at the helm.

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