Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hectic / Chaotic PT.3

As we proceed and continue, what can I tell you? like the Obama State Of Union 2016 jokers need to fix the politics...

 As we proceed and continue, what can I tell you? drama? those that hate  are introducing  it to the masses!!  I couldn't *polly* with those tricks..

Not the Polly Nirvana kicks!! this is the response to that and this!! Molly has these tricks acting a fool!!

Others caught a trolley to nirvana, soon they became a suicide bomber, trying to blow up Turkey: Instabul..

Even down here in Dekalb County Georgia jokers are acting a fool!! Life is hectic!! I see *swats and narcs* rolling through in Chevy SUV's and Chevy Impalas... 

What's up with ya? that's what they asked this next school brotha: I told them life is chaotic, but we continue to rock it even though jokers get foul with us...

2016? we're off to a new start!! told to *Play On Player*  go on with my bad self!!  Mercury is in retrograde but other planets are in alignment like Mars in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces!! time to make it past go?

2016? some are off to a bad start like Al Jazeera America: all part of a conspiracy? meanwhile other media outlets have jokers spaced out like Tim O'leary!!  who's the last to know?

Breakbeat science is what we're kicking rebuking the hectic / chaotic lifestyle!! I wasn't the last to grow a secret garden; like Tom Cruise's Minority Report; or majority report? Mission Impossible?

*Scattered Thoughts*  collected:  some selected at Random; reckless abandon? I didn't ask permission, so whatcha know?

Whatcha trying to grow in your garden?  I was asked by a Georgia resident!! I  told them once again it's on!! told them to check out the The O-Dog Podcast..

Taking the next step rebuking the lifestyle thats hectic / chaotic!! I didn't ask Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown for pardon when I come through with this alternative broadcast..

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