Saturday, January 23, 2016

Flexible!! So You're Not Bent Out Of Shape?

What's the deal? the word on the curb said we need to go with the flow.

What's the deal? a Buster or even a Herb said the word in the wind was to accept the status quo. 

Another said quid pro quo was the way to go even if you get caught out there in a blizzard like on the East Coast!!  soon you'll be accepted. 

At least I didn't brag / boast like Donald Trump saying he could shoot somebody and not lose voters!!! I didn't just get off the boat cuz!! meanwhile another said stay flexible or be bent out shape then you'll be accepted. 

But another will be deceptive!! multiple choice questions will stump the masses!!  they'll rob, steal or loot somebody's aura!! they  want you to follow an agenda that's detrimental. 

Another wasn't receptive when we play the truth game, we're rolling up with this good word and a funky instrumental. 

Another wasn't receptive when the sword of truth was carried:  it's considered a deadly weapon. 

Another wasn't receptive!!  they said I crept with hazardous material but what we have is spiritual:  it's used as a weapon. 

Its used in the ongoing spiritual warfare as we go there!!  we rebuke these haters that show scorn!! they want to see us bent out of shape. 

What's really going on? as we go there soaking up Aquarius sun rays we see how a nefarious one plays!!! astrologers say Pluto, Venus and Mercury retrograde in Capricorn has some bent out of shape..

Plus we have a Full Moon in Leo, so we stay flexible!!  but  it's to a degree,  not trying to lose ourselves in the process and be all bent out of shape!

Actually? it depends on the scenario!! Resident Evil type Umbrella Corporations benefit when we're all bent out of shape...

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