Monday, January 11, 2016

Hectic / Chaotic PT. 2

What's really going on? The calendar flipped over to 2016,  but the same drama flipped over too! 

Life is hectic / chaotic,  the system will get foul with ya!!  act like you knew! 

Look around to see what it do / what it does; no need for Obama's State of The Union address!!   you should be able to recognize the pattern. 

Looked down on earth after being spaced out, I had an intergalactic address!! it was  over by Pluto  / Mars and Saturn. 

Now the mothership has landed on earth; like an NFL playoff game that Donald Trump says is too soft I see reality is bruising and battering constituents. 

A brotha gets scientific,  usually in the breakbeat scientific spectrum!! but the situation is toxic like a meal from Chipotle's or maybe even Illegal Pete's!!  society is disrespecting like I was on opiates and barbiturates.

No product from the streets /  Afghanistan or from  El Chapo interviewed by Sean Penn was dealt with,  even though life is hectic / chaotic as citizens look for escape routes. 

It's rough out here like rumble in the jungle /  Ali - Foreman championship bouts. 

...or maybe Clemson vs Alabama, understand a bruh?  I have my doubts as a joker stumbles / fumbles through elections like Donald Trump,  but what happened to Ben Carson?

Plus I saw the routs as Houston Texans deal with complex ones,  while Adrian Peterson stumbles / fumbles and Blair Walsh missed kicks:  Minnesota Vikings have trouble finishing what they're starting. 

What's up son? the sport is complex plus cold like the polar vortex!! you have to have heart in this thing or you'll really be disrespected!! the hustle? somebody will knock it!!

What's the word on the curb?  what's the word in the wind?  life is hectic / chaotic!!

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