Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Engulfed In Flames PT. 10 (Now A Construction Site)

 The structure was engulfed in flames!! corrupt ones still play games!! soon I heard *ashes to ashes and dust to dust*

Dude said that phrase wasn't in the bible, oh!! it was  borrowed from a few verses so who's liable? they'll have to pay up with the currency that mentioned *In God We Trust*

Official motto of the US; if the child has their own? God will bless!! that was word from Blood Sweat and Tears!!

Lotto player in the US? per the Powerball jackpot God will bless!! but until then?  this dude is putting work in blue collar style, with the blood, sweat and tears!!

The structure was engulfed in flames, now we'll try to rebuild it!! God is not through with us yet, check out the construction site..

I told you corrupt ones still play games!! they're not rocking lime green safety vests or hardhats and steel toed shoes!! jokers will rock Brooks Brothers suits at the corruption site..

What's up son? we're trying to get it tight at this construction site after the structure was engulfed in flames!! the fire did a lot of damage, so let the healing process begin!!

What's up son?  who's trying to get it right at that corruption site?  From Washington to Wall Street / from  Downtown Atlanta to Downton Abbey my people are looking for a win...

What's up son? some ask me, they wonder what I'm on!! post industrial?  high and low technical?  the construction  site is jumping!! please believe me its on!!

The energy is weird like looking to restore Chicago Police Department credibilty  but were going in per this cult of individuality like the jeans I saw at South Dekalb Mall! what's up y'all??  the switch is turned on.

Others were turned on by the cult of personality!! social engineers didn't mean to be like Cherelle!! or maybe they were rolling lke Donald Trump? now these earthlings are dealing with weird energy and phobias.

Other weren't turned on,  they get foul with me for trying to rebuild after the original structure was engulfed in flames!! they try to say the construction site is an eyesore but drugs they'll try to score!! they're trying to find where Utopia is..

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