Saturday, January 2, 2016

Taking The Next Step (Hitting The Reset Button) PT.5

 We're moving on; we just left 2015 moving on to 2016 per the calendar, but I moved into a new year during Scorpio Season...

We're moving on,  supposedly like Tom Coughlin leaving the New York Giants at the end of this season!! 

Taking the next step, hitting the reset button, once again it's on!! any treasons / reasons  like Saudi Arabia executing 47?

Tripping on the curb  /  step like Bill Cosby arrested? after finding out what the cost will be some still stressed it!! how were they living?    

Tripping out per word on the curb / word in the wind musings? not amused by that thing!! reality is unforgiving!!

Slipping out of the rabbit hole, now we got soul like Bobby Byrd or Eric B and Rakim, in 2016 this is how we're living!!

Slipping out of the rabbit hole, like back in the day slipping out of Louisville, this brotha was on I-65 passing through Nashville trying to get to the ATL so I could hit the reset button...

R.I.P. to Natalie Cole  she provided that real soul music, now she took that next step on the stairway to heaven... 

Stairway To Heaven per Led Zeppelin? or maybe the O'Jay's version? down I-20 we'll keep swerving taking the next step, this is how it's going down!!

How am I living? after hitting the reset button I'm back on default settings like I was in  Louisville / Newburg my old stomping grounds.

How am I living?  in 2016?  O-Zone will drop this good word and O-Dog  had the thumping sounds.

How am I living?  the Mothership has landed  back down to earth / back on the surface:  we're back on sacred  grounds

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