Friday, January 29, 2016

The Recruiting Process

Oh yes!! it's going down!! damn!! I see these devil's advocates are trying to recruit me. 

They want me to join the team like the GOP reaching out to brothers and sisters;  especially Donald Trump like they know where the loot will be. 

Like Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelly or even Amber Rose vs Kanye jokers tried to get cute with me, with their monkey asses. 

What can jokers tell me? they're slick like Vladimir Putin will be or is,  you know the business!!  if not?  we conduct seminars and classes. 

We're not disputing the truth were dedicated to it;  this veteran now coaching is all up in the truth game

Oh yes!!  truth or reality as we know it!! we're  providing proof in the game. 

Some said your dude had an attitude /  arrogant and aloof in the game!!  now they want to see my structure engulfed in flames

The recruitment process was a waste of time, plus I won't attend the NFL scouting combines so now they want to say I'm down with the lames. 

They're disputing / opposing the healing  process / they'll try to stress!! blame is assigned to a brotha. 

The recruiting process was a failure!! please!!  there's nothing they can tell a brotha. 

Now like ISIS in Syria stealing, robbing and looting an aura was part of the terror / horror!! they thought if they beat us we would join them..

We chilled during the mass hysteria, please!! we knew the Lord didn't anoint them!!


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