Thursday, January 14, 2016

This Is How We're Living / This Is What We're Giving

It's going down!! like blasts and shootouts at Starbucks in Jakarta, some of these jokers will misbehave.. 

It's going down!!  jokers are shooting it up down here in Dekalb County Georgia,  then they try to dip in fast trucks!! it's not all love, no always and forever like Heatwave..........

Always and forever like Heatwave?  that's a player's anthem,  they'll say its all love!! some still carry torches.

A polar vortex is present but it's hotter than July weather like Stevie Wonder talked about; the sun / atmosphere  scorches.

The  sport is complex; a plotter / shemer either threw Molotov Cocktails on porches, blew themselves up like suicide bombers in Instabul  or shot up the bus stop on Bouldercrest Road in Dekalb County during drivebys.

The sport is complex, I realize  I'm not a dreamer!! these days? a brotha tells the story!! fluid with it like water found on Mars!!  the Mothership?  I arrive by.

Coping strategies fail me? Not hardly!! I survive by praying... Lord Have Mercy!!!

That's the battle cry borrowed from old dude back in Louisville; who else will work with me?

That's a damn lie!! that's what old dude said back in Louisville when he dropped knowledge per Earth Wind and Fire That's The Way of The World; he let us know the real deal..

Oh yes!! it was the Real Deal Holyfield!! it was beneficial when we tried to build, now I try to keep the tradition going by letting you know the deal..

Whatcha knowing? we didn't build with crooks like CitiBank and Goldman Sachs like Ted Cruz did!! we're unbought and unbossed like Hosea Williams.

Whatcha knowing? I didn't yield for temptation this veteran in the game will pull rank with the good word and funky tracks, that's how we're living!!

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