Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hectic / Chaotic PT.5 (Recognize The Pattern)

Nothing is new under the sun, just  check out the regular scheduled programming. 

Act like you knew!! life is hectic / chaotic!! just recognize the pattern!!  this dude is not pimping,  no need for the slow jamming. 

I'm just wrecking the system,  jamming frequencies like along the North and South Korea border!! I admit I was once parking lot pimping in the hooptie but security forces said I was out of  order.

 I wasn't wrecking the system like El Chapo,  though now they want to prosecute him across the border

Recognize the pattern bro!! life is hectic / chaotic!!  that's  what old schoolers told me back in the day, they told me conditions would be harsh so I govern myself accordingly. 

Lessons learned from the old schooler Abdullah concerning the heritage,  what the universal order should be. 

Lessons learned!!  now rolling in an orderly fashion but due to hectic / chaotic conditions I'm  still clashing with Hunger Game Peacekeepers / thought and fashion police.

Lessons learned about Babylon's fashion!!  for a black man there's no justice or peace. 

Word up from Cameo and Larry Blackmon!!  plus old deacons at church  in the amen corner spoke up! 

That's after they *woke up* ..now check the scenario!! life is hectic / chaotic /  recognize the pattern,  as beats and this English language are broke up. 

Fires? we stoke up in this piece!! damn!! even the Ohio Players will sing about it..

Life is hectic / chaotic /  recognize the pattern!! please!! these players won't have any doubt about it...


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