Sunday, March 9, 2014

What It Do? What It Does? Whats The Prognosis?

What it do? what it does? concepts are revisited like family reunions..when I was out in that's whats

What it do? what it does? per Flight 370 in Malaysia..inquiring minds should ask whats the prognosis?  lethal doses were
administered by the corrupt!

So whats up? the apparatus will play ya.. the devil and his advocates oppose this!!  but due to global warming they're skating on thin ice! 

Due to the polar vortex? it was enough to shutdown Atlanta;  understand a bruh!!  it "wasn't nothing"  nice! 

...Now the weather is nice;  70 degrees in March..check the madness..but not just NCAA...these jokers in the ATL walk down the street smoking Black and Milds!

..a hater said whatever!! ignoring six degrees of
poor whites, Mexicans and blacks pay high interest per Rothchilds! 

..and the Rockefellers..back in the day? I rocked with the goodfellas..Joe Pesci style..cut from a different cloth!!  this child of God is trying to find out what the deal is! 

Whats the prognosis? who can tell us?  lethal doses of the broth or elixir will make some find out how real it is!

The assignment?  I chose this!! but its no Mission Impossible..Ghost Protocal..

The alignment of planets affected the I land this on earth...dropping intergalactic funk, jazz and hip hop soul on y'all!!

Due to solitary confinement we couldn't "ball until we fall" ..please!! the arch nemesis was on the premises..they rolled up like Russia did the Ukraine.

Hostile territory scenarios are going down...whats the prognosis? we had to analyze the situation..its more mysterious than an X-File..but we'll maintain..



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