Thursday, March 6, 2014

All Up In The Spot / More Technical Difficulties..

What it do?  were all up in the spot dealing with the technical

What it do?  hot due to global warming? ...or cold because of
the polar vortex?  one has to do with the other?  I told the ATLien we still have to deal with these! 

What it do? please!! it's a blessing to see these check these clearance rack epiphanies that are dropped; they're  just in time for spring! 

March madness is going down!! in more ways than one..I'm trying to see what Louisville is going to do!! were back with this!! check out how were doing the damn thing!

Damn!! its going down!! a Louisville brotha down here in the ATL..jokers hoping that we were still dealing with technical difficulties! 

Thats how it is..all up in the spot;  like Obama concerning the crisis in the Ukraine...haters still question these abilities! 

Plus resources are scarce per Russia / Exxon Mobil and Black Sea escapades; assets and liabilities are analyzed; whats the prognosis? 

Clearance rack epiphanies reveal the story; Chemical Ali type doctors were administering lethal doses!

...we steer this mothership back to the Muhammad Ali type moves are glamour shot poses...gritty / grimey particles are part of the default settings...

Have no fear..a bruh gets breakbeat scientific with it..overcoming technical difficulties!! now some will get whats coming to them..its not my fault history is repeating.. 

Have no fear...visions of defeating us soon turn into nightmares for these and those all up in the weapons formed would work...

Thats per Ray Lewis..were not acting brand new with this after overcoming technical difficulties...were trying to make it all work..


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