Saturday, March 29, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Chilling In Attack Zones

We're all up in the spot chilling out..actually? were up in attack zones. 

Breakbeat science is spilling out from the crockpot...hopefully not overcooked like by the Tsarnaev Brothers..dealing with another's ongoing beefs!! earthlings have that knack in these zones! 

The fronts are local, national, international, and intergalactic;  these clones will put it down anywhere! 

Meanwhile a bruh hunts and gathers..but irrational ones delay progress like Malaysian officials and Flight 370 information!! I've told you it's rough out there!

Ear shattering gunshots exploded out there in the ATL!!  day or night...the situation is out of control! 

Egos?  jokers are bruising and battering them per Columbus Short!!  I told you earlier it's a complex sport..folk will run plots and schemes like the Taliban attacking in Kabul...nefarious is how they roll!!

Negroes , Latinos, Caucasians, Arabs and Asians were observed when we were on the scene...we noticed their various ways and means of operating..soon we'll be ready to roll...we might have to rebuke them...

Watching these earthlings and how they work things..I stay a step ahead of them..rocking the throwback number 20 Barry Sanders I know how to juke them...

Hole in the wall clubs and juke joints? I'll rock them...bringing this product from the lab...

AKA the attack zone...once again it's on..using the Sonic Blackjack for the smash and grab...

...Similar to these cats down here in the ATL using white day care and church vans to roll up and grab ATMs...

These Louisville sluggers swing bats...aka snares, 808s and obscure samples..O-Dizzle has the sonic mixture...O-Zone has the scripture like it's church man!!!  check out this attack zone by-product..we're not playing!!



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