Thursday, March 20, 2014

Life Is Hectic Due To Glitches In The Matrix

What it do? this is a test and only a test of the emergency broadcast system. 

So what's up? blessed or stressed?  sometimes both at the same how are you living?

Life is hectic / chaotic....hustles? the system stressed..they'll knock barbarians were at the gate;  soon the arch nemesis is on the they're flipping out; ...things have gotten crazy! 

Toil and strife is ongoing!!  planes disappear like Flight 370 ...nefarious / robotic like moves were made by clones caught in the smoke and mirrors; its hazy!

We're all up in the spot dealing with technical difficulties / glitches in the matrix! 

The plot or scheme is exercised / facilitated by
some of us are caught up in the system / matrix! 

Team members fake it; but I wasn't they're like fans at Ohio State after losing to Dayton...they jump off the bandwagon!

I couldn't take it / real with it ...I'm not playing;  please!! this bruh is not out in mamby pamby a chuck wagon! 

...Its more like enter the dragon per Bruce Lee;  were going in  / getting it in! 

Life is hectic...were not fronting / flexing / swagging like Putin..but were overcoming these glitches in the matrix;  were just trying to win!

Life is hectic..knowing that we'll win some and lose some..the science is not perfect...

Toil and strife is the nature of the game..but were still in search of the perfect beat per Afrika Bambaataa...that's how we work it... 


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