Sunday, March 30, 2014

Catch Phrases and Cliches PT. 6 / Keep Hope Alive

It's like the civil rights movement..check out the slogan keep hope alive! 

...As we try to get right with this movement...trying to cope with all the jive! 

As we show and prove it...another catch phrase / cliche..showing how we play like Russia in the Ukraine...

The New Moon in Aries will make us move seems all bets are off and contracts are null and void..but we're just trying to maintain..

Whose fair with these? answers?  get them right!! call, e-mail or feel free to tap on the shoulders of wannabe experts. 

Whose fair with these? answers were right in front of us..all we had to do was look up!!  then we can connect to the right networks. 

Anyway...keeping hope alive? that was the catch phrase / cliche per Rev. Jesse Jackson. 

Anyway... jokers were creeping!!  down on Boulevard in the Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta "youts" in v-neck t-shirts were selling dope!!  that's how they stay alive...they're down to plan Z!!  but you know it gets messy up in the action. 

Jokers must have been's hard on the boulevard!! ...from Atlanta to Chi-Town to Oak-Town..

Peeping game while West Coasting...San Francisco was thriving..while Oakland reminded me of was broke down..

Creeping up in this game? it's no joke when we put it down like this..were chilling out in the attack zone...

Please!! we're taking Jesse Jackson's advice..keeping hope we bring this back..once again it's on!!

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