Saturday, March 22, 2014

Percussions and Repercussions

Check the karma;  at the end of the day?  some will get what's coming to them. 

In the meantime and between time?  O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them. 

It's all natural how we do this!! the vernal equinox?  the outback chronicles mentioned birds chirping.

It wasn't  natural how former royalty laid in the trap or  bluff..product exchanged after Nextel chirping.

Meanwhile God is working it out for me..back in the day? it wasn't nothing nice..but I'm a changed I move on to the next.. proceed and continue. 

Karma is a mother..please!! the sport is complex...I couldn't swag, front or flex..unlike Russia rolling up on the Ukraine..this bruh  backed away from the buffet!! I saw what's on the menu!

Johnny Guitar Watson said it was a real mother for ya!! some are lost like Malaysia Airline Flight 370..

What will the response? work is put in by these  brothas...percussions remind some of the repercussions...sometimes outcomes are heavenly...

What will be the response? work is put in..please!!! you can't tell me about hell being caught..we know about that!! back in the day strange fruit hung..

What will the response be? work is put in...Roland drums and Yamaha the Apple 5s is used for the good longer fooling with the Samsung..

What will the response be? whatcha knowing? Jordan Davis hung jury cases won't be the end of the story.. 

Check the message in the music...these percussions tell you about the repercussions..some will get whats coming to should know the story..



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