Thursday, March 13, 2014

Reality Is A Good Teacher / Class Is In Session

Whats the deal? 1 was observing the officials worldwide looking for the Malaysia Airline Flight 370...I'm checking out the mess were in! 

Now I'm ready to I go there with mine...insight / knowledge is dropped..class is in session! 

Had the session on Blogster...they thought I was a I recognized where the fog was..due to smoke and mirrors..

Blessings from God continue..I stay's like Ukraine..out's no joke dealing with the horrors and terrors..
Using the sonic aggression to fight back!! please!!  I had to swing the blackjack! 

Whose messing with us?  now I'm sounding like the Beatles..get back jack! 

Whose stressing us?  Wall Street does!! along with G8 and G20 cartels! 

Whose blessing us? God is!! we rebuke the hate!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..up in the hooptie / tank with hard shells!

...a spirit or heart fails to process the stimuli properly...damn!!  now its broken! 

Demerits were issued to perpetrators as we continue to fight these haters!! using beats and English that is broken!

Whose fair with this? in love or war? nobody...reality should have taught that lesson well..

Who'll care about this? they're usually not checking for us but soon respecting we spin this tale...

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