Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Outback / I-20 Chronicles : Concepts Combined

Concepts are combined per these I-20 / Outback Chronicles!

I  was dipping down I-20 in I'm chilling out..outback on the deck..its my response to these and those! 

..knowing damn well the devil and his advocates will oppose!! thought and fashion police were on the patrol! 

..similar to Atlanta or the Dekalb Police posted up on I-20..or Putin's agents in the Ukraine..I see how jokers roll! 

Jokers soon see it's all game..Obama discussed things with Putin..the truth they're disputing...actually? it's all Russia's business to handle so side deals are cut..that's how they roll..

Chilling out...outback on the deck..soon back in the game without the black mask per Lebron James after observing the I'm ready to roll..

Chilling out...soon some see I have soul or I wouldn't be in here!! that's per Bobby Byrd! 

Or maybe the Eric B and Rakim version;  whichever one is working! you heard? the good word is dropped..while O-Dizzle is rocking!! whose working with me? 

Outback reflecting on past episodes per following street codes in discrete modes..visions were revealed;  I see whose working with me! 

Not out of it!! but some act different with me!! I see it wasn't natural! that owl that scooped up the squirrel while I was sitting out back!! now I use these chronicles to "holla atcha"

 Earlier?  I was at the QT station at I-20 and Panola Rd in
Lithonia..jokers were humming and bumming!! how did they get out here in these suburbs? 

Acting brand new with me?  please!!  O-Zone was never associated with busters and herbs! 

Doing the knowledge...reflecting on G-20 policies discussed in Sydney that have an impact locally!

 That's why the money is funny!! to go along with HSBC and even Bank of America  profits skyrocketing!! meanwhile O-Dizzle is
rocking this thing!!  act like you know me!

Just Chilling Out...listen to O-Dog's Chilling Out Mix PT.2

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