Sunday, March 2, 2014

They're Trying To Get It Anyway They Can (March Madness)

 Checked the I looked at the calendar...March Madness is here..

Not just with NCAA basketball.. plus Black History Month is over with ..but the NAACP is hip to y'all....per Florida and other spots the madness is still here..

I mentioned earlier its rough out here!! dude said he's trying to get it
anyway he can! 

Pay attention; who will work with ya?  but some are too broke to
comprehend or understand! 

..Acting like this is Portlandia or Mamby Pamby Land..the homie Dr Phil would tell them to get over it!

 But who will understand a bruh in the ATL with the Louisville / Newburg swag? ..using the breakbeat science to get over with!

Up in Charlotte / Mecklenburg? CIAA parties were jumping.. but now it's over with..its back to life..back to reality per Soul To Soul..

Were in the heart of it..the danger zone..but we didn't merge into the traffic on that information highway..the information overload was a plot or scheme!! so the train of thought will roll!!

Were in the heart of Crimea in the Ukraine..but I'm out here rolling on I-20 in Atlanta...but in a discrete mode.. 

Who started it? crimies bring the pain..smash and grabs in the ATL remind us to stay on a discrete mode...

Jokers are trying to get it anyway they can..they're down to Plan Z in this land of milk and honey..

March madness is in full effect..but my peeps get no respect...bilked by these banks and G20...

Peeps Are Trying To Get It Anyway They Can ; Paying The Price

Sunday Jazz Continues...Check Out The Paying The Price Mix

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