Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Diplomatic Immunity Is Exercised

Whats up? like mass trials for Islamists in Egypt no justice no peace is the catch phrase....but in the ATL it's like..damn!!  I'm surrounded by the B.A.S. 

...That's bitch ass sh@t for those not knowing; check the seminar ...O-Zone will conduct the class. 

... Plus the podcast will blast!! during the ongoing total chaos?  check the steady bombardment of the enemy position.

...spraying rays of light like the Aries Sun up above..word from this son of God up above!! a bruh whose on a mission. 

Dropping math;  multiplication and division!! hipping the masses to the evil webmaster's plot or scheme to alt-shift delete..or divide and conquer.

..not stopping on this path;  plus diplomatic immunity is exercised ...this is word from our sponsor.

..not stopping on these path...I even dipped back to the community from time to time...spotted riding through Louisville / I take it back to the source..

..not stopping the wrath...even though Rick Ross said the Devil is a lie he stays busy...weapons of mass distraction are used to get us off course..

That's par for the course...Tiger Woods once stayed under par consistently..until he started pimping...

Of course diplomatic immunity can be's tight in these hoods...oh yeah!! we couldn't stand prosperity...we let it go to our heads per Grand we're getting what's coming to us; check out the karma...the sport is complex...this is not a simple thing...

Of course diplomacy didn't work with Russia per the seems catching up on their pimping or trying to put the Soviet Union back together is Putin's mission... 

Obama called them local / regional...meanwhile I'm seeing what it do...the drama is local, national, international and diplomatic immunity is exercised by these brothas...immune to bitch made antics!! ...I didn't chill at the communion with the demon deacons...looting the treasury was their mission...

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