Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Madness Has Me Changing My Game Up

March Madness is going down...I'm doing things different..I changed the game up! 

Marching on..back with this!!..local..national..foreign lands deal with this....belligerent?  please!! other languages  were used...I even "changed my name up"

Real with it....check the O-Dog  Podcast..beats banged up in this piece!!  plus this good word is dropped! 

March Madness? I deal with it..mind blowing decisions per Heatwave were made during the ongoing charade..but the madness never stopped! 

Whose back with this? the arch nemesis? those haters flopped like Vlade Divac back in the day..damn! it was a game changer!

The swag of Oakland Raiders is dropped or exhibited..based on
West Coasting...it was a game changer! 

Changing the game up!! like the postal union vs Staples I'm going postal with this thing!!  I'm pushing the envelope! 

Changing my name up...O-Dizzle / O-Zone...Staples Center championship banners like LA Lakers?  ...while a clone will wish and hope! 

Changing? no blame game..Staples Singers I'll Take You There plays in the background as we move forward......while a drone will hit you up like its Pakistan or Somalia!

March Madness is here...its on again!! but I'm changing the game up....but still Sonic Assaulting those getting foul with ya!

Hitting the dial for ya..pressing the button..changing the game up..bringing more methods to the madness...

Breakbeat scientific swag / style for ya...rebuking the March Madness..

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