Monday, March 17, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Damn!! I'm Sick Of The Technical Difficulties

Were all up in the spot!! damn!! we're still dealing with these technical difficulties!

 Hot due to global warming?  cold due to the polar vortex?  a
little of both? damn!!  whats up with these? 

Whats up with these earthlings? they're throwing salt into the game!!  now some try to play me the other way! 

They're acting brand new!!  like I just got here the other day! 

The Brotha "O"  will play the funk while this good word is dropped! 

Were recovering from Mercury retrograde; damn!!  whats up man?  now Mars and Saturn flip the script while we cosmic slopped!

I forgot...Brotha O hip hopped plus jazz was played..even house music or drum and bass...

The scheme or plot? O-Zone was hip to it...please!! it's just like sanctions against Russia were for show not for play...even though I felt the pressure..but I'm on the case...

Whose on my team? life is a marathon..we keep running the race..rolling like Kenyan marathon runners in the NYC..

Whose in my dream? part of the ongoing technical difficulties?  chaotic like Teddy Bridgewater's workout at Pro Day?

Check this veteran in the game now coaching; all up in the it a Love TKO like Teddy Pendergrass? needing a bridge over troubled waters like Simon and Garfunkel?  

I'm sick of all the technical jokers even question my abilities..aliens were trying to tell O-Dog how the funk should go...

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