Sunday, March 16, 2014

Observing The Scene / Peeping Game / Doing The Knowledge PT.2

I was chilling out in the hooptie.....parking lot pimping...I was doing what I do! 

Inspecting...observing the's like those  outback chronicles..I was just doing what I do! 

Saturday I-20 Chronicles went down...concepts were combined; now acting like I knew!!  but still messing up...inflicting internal and external damage!

 I'm trying to clean some of it up!!  some say its not repairable!! damn!!  spirits and souls were mined but scars are still open from the internal and external scrimmage! interlopers and highlanders interrupt the healing its not complete!

Wishers and hopers play games!! but they don't understand us...please!!  contracts were signed not to compete!

Wishing it was simple? please!! its not sweet...Chris Brown can testify to that after warrants were served...but that's how he tried to get down...

The ATL? this Louisville brotha will pimp / limp through...but its rough down here..some don't have a Lithonia? ...Christopher Brown burned the house down!! 

Its going down..observing the scene...peeping game...doing the knowledge...word from a veteran in the game now coaching...or running things like Phil Jackson with the New York Knicks... 

Its going down...observing the scene...peeping game...doing the knowledge...caught up in the action! let the healing process begin!  I have plenty of cuts, bruises, scars and nicks...

Its going down...feeling the pain...I didn't have to go to the Ukraine..I know whats up mane!! I wasn't sleeping in the game..the mothership gets good mileage..

Almost like Flight 370 from Malaysia...but I wasn't off course..please!! precise moves are made after observing the scene..peeping game...and doing the knowledge...




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