Monday, March 3, 2014

Catch Phrase / Cliche : It Is What It Is

Me and shorty over in Decatur were discussing the status quo..the catch phrase / cliche?  it is what it is! 

Knowing the sport will be complex per the other catch phrase  / cliche;  no peace no justice! 

Actually?  I had it justice no peace!! that's  per Rev Al Sharpton pep rallies! 

Awkward is how the moments were!!  but.... per a fresh view / fresh vision?  situations are clear!! now  check these clearance rack epiphanies! 

Clockwork orange?  rockers on a binge? what time is it per Flavor Flav's clock? we still deal with those and these flagrant agents! 

Agent orange?  please..some are in the purple reign..similar to Atlanta Five Points Marta Station vagrants! 

Superman vacates the premises!! he left the building!!  jokers are own their own like Michael McDonald and Patti LaBelle! 

Who fakes it?  the arch nemesis is on the premises hoping that
we fail!

Who fakes it? empty promises are heard like Warren Buffett's some are caught...12 Years A Slave?  

Some are comfortable...heard saying it is what it is..the catch phrase / cliche...but some are not satisfied...soon they'll misbehave...

O-Dizzle is uncomfortable..a willing beat unconventional method for getting free and stay free...

Whats the dizzle? what it do?  the catch phrase / cliche? it is what it least that's what they say to me..

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